… in cases of abduction

Are you looking for help?

  • Are you going to be taken abroad against your will?
  • Are you afraid that you might have to stay in another country after a family holiday?
  • Are you supposed to go and live in your family’s country of origin?
  • Are you supposed to be married there although you don’t want to be?
  • Are you already abroad and are being locked up or threatened?
  • Have your family taken your passport away and you don’t know how to get back to Germany?

Abduction is forbidden! No-one is allowed to take away your travel documents to keep you abroad or to lock you up. Your family can be punished in Germany for making preparations for a forced marriage and for carrying it out. Your parents are not allowed to prevent you from continuing your school education by taking you to another country against your will.

Act before it is too late! Write to us to find a way out before you go on the supposed holiday.
If you are already being held prisoner, the online advice is a possible way to make contact with the outside world. We will try to find out where you are and can help you by letting people in Germany know about your situation.


You can find further information about abduction and forced marriage on our website against abduction and forced marriage.

Others have already been advised

I have fallen in love and want to marry my boyfriend. When my parents found out they hit me, tied me up, spat on me, insulted me and did many things, that no-one could imagine. Now my parents have forced me to come to Iraq. They threatened me that if I did not go willingly, they would do something to my boyfriend. I am actually studying at university in Germany and now I am sitting here in Iraq. I have tried to kill myself twice. I want to go back to Germany to my boyfriend and to my real home. PLEASE HELP ME! I can only answer by email. My parents have taken away my mobile phone so that I can’t contact anyone. Only when my relatives are not there can I go to the laptop and look whether there is an answer.


My sister married a cousin in Lebanon a year ago and now lives there. She has had a child. In the summer holidays I am supposed to visit her and help her. I would really like to go as I miss my sister a lot but I have a strange feeling. My father tried to take me out of school last year. He wants me to get married. There have been two husband candidates so far but I have managed to get out of it. Now I am afraid that they want to get me engaged in Lebanon and that I will have to stay there. My father thinks that life is better in Lebanon and he is afraid that I will become too German. How should I decide?


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