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The services of the online advise service SIBEL

The online advise service SIBEL has operated since 2004 in the rooms of the anonymous crisis shelter PAPATYA . The crisis centre protects girls and young women, who suffer from control and violence in the name of the so-called “honour”, forced marriage or abduction into the families’ countries of origin. In over 30 years 1,800 girls and young women have been able to get support at PAPATYA. In addition, over 600 affected people are helped each year either by telephone or email.

Online advise is available around the clock and is supported by a professional team composed of Turkish, Kurdish, English and German speaking social workers and a psychologist.

Affected people have easy and anonymous access to a range of help through the online advisor. You can come to us without any commitment and can decide yourself how you want to make contact. About three quarters of those seeking help tell us that we are their first contact to the system of help. The constant availability as well as the anonymity of the online advisor are the most important “hurdle reducers”.

Contacts come from all over Germany and also from abroad. In particular for girls and young women, who have been left against their will in the family’s country of origin, the internet is the only way to tell someone about their situation. Their questions and contacts led to the establishment in 2013 of a coordination centre against abduction and forced marriage.

Since September 2017 the online advisor SIBEL has laid increased focus on two target groups, which also suffer from family violence:

  • Threatened LGBTI*Q whose families do not accept their sexual orientation
  • Threated couples, who are not allowed to love each other because of the cultural or religious values of their families

How can you contact us?

You can contact the online advise service SIBEL from your email address on beratung@papatya.or or via our contact form.

Alternatively, you can set up a secure account on the advisory platform Beranet.

Who is the online advise for?

  • Girls, young women, LGBTI*Q and Couples, who are having problems with their families
    The advice is directed in the first instance to those affected by forced marriage, family conflicts, control, threats, violence or abduction. They are often controlled around the clock by their families and their freedom of movement and relationships are limited. They are only allowed to leave the apartment to go to school or accompanied by a family member. They are not allowed to have a mobile/cell phone or their conversations are monitored. Access to advice centres is mostly blocked and their situation would get worse if their family found out that they had tried to seek help.

  • Professional and private helpers
    Social workers, teachers, private helpers and friends or partners can also use the online advisor SIBEL. Professional helpers are advised as colleagues. They can strengthen their inter-cultural competence and can get information about specific support possibilities such as the provision of secure information and anonymising information. Private helpers are helped in whatever they are concerned about. Sometimes they tell us about the needs of the affected person, which they are not able to pass on themselves. Sometimes they also have their own issues such as not being accepted as a partner (to a family member) by the family.

How does the online advise service SIBEL work?

  • The advisers react to contacts quickly, and at the latest within 72 hours.
  • Those concerned are informed of their rights and are supported in thinking about the various options for action and their consequences. They also receive advice on how they can improve their safety.
  • The advisers are from various backgrounds and are experienced staff from the crisis centre PAPTYA and can if necessary, organise for someone to be taken in there. They have good knowledge of the problems of the target group and know the existing help system.
  • The frequency and length of contact depend on the needs of the affected person. That includes short term crisis intervention as well as longer term ethical clarification. If possible, the affected person always talks to the same adviser.
  • Advice can be given in the German, English or Turkish languages.

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