For those personally affected

For those personally affected

Our online advisor SIBEL has been advising anonymously, confidentially and without cost since 2004. The advisers are German, Turkish and Kurdish social workers and a psychologist. We will advise you around the clock in the German, English and Turkish languages. You will get an answer within 72 hours.

In particular we will advise you if

  • You are going to be forced into marriage or have already been forced to marry
  • You are suffering from control, violence or threats from your family
  • You are going to be abducted or if you are already abroad and held against your will
  • Your family wants to make decisions about your life and you cannot stand it at home anymore
  • You are lesbian, gay, trans-sexual, inter-sexual or queer and your family is putting you under pressure because of that
  • You love someone but your family is against the relationship

We are there for you. Make contact with us and tell us about your situation. Together we will try to find a solution.


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You can use the contact form below to ask us your questions and tell us about your situation. We try to answer you as quickly as possible. That is mostly within 3 days.

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